DIY Environmental Chamber
DIY Environmental Chamber
When you look at a piece of gear and it states that it operates over
some temperature range like -10 to +60C .. Do you wonder how they
find that out? Do they bury it in snow after taking it for a spin in Death

Nope, they simulate the conditions in a device called an
Environmental Chamber. Its job is to create an artificial controlled
environment on demand. Basic chambers can simulate
temperatures and humidity. More elaborate chambers can perform
vibration, atmospheric pressure changes, thermal shock, and even
vacuum for satellite testing.

Our chamber is a temperature only system and is made from a
stainless steel ice chest. This was chosen because it has a metal
shell, plenty of insulation in the walls, and a nice door. A heater will
be used to raise the temperature, and a Peltier cooler is used to
cool it. An Arduino based controller will measure the temperature,
accept commands and control the heater and cooler.

Chambers typically run something called a profile which is a