New Case for 2015
Circuit Abbey's new DIY case for 2015

After being in business for about a year it bacame evident we needed a new rack:
So we embarked on a slightly ambitious plan to build our very own DIY rack. It is a 4 row 126
HP. It has 8.5 amp power supplies for + and - 12 volts and 8 amp supply for +5 volts. I used
Tiptop rails and hand cut the metal sides.
Here is a shot of it during construction:
It looked so big...I thought I would never need another case. Silly, silly monk. It filled up almost
immediately. The last year and a half has been spent taking modules in and out to make room
for the stuff I needed.

So finally about 6 months ago I started making plans for a second case. After several iterations
and ideas I came up with a case that is similar to the old one. The new case is 146HP (more on
that in a minute), 4 3U rows with 3 1U rows in between the 3U rows.

We are using Vector rails which come in 300HP lengths. The biggest rails I could cut while
getting two rails out of the raw stock was about 149HP. The saw blade takes 1/8 inch of
material per cut. I settled on 146HP so I could use 30" pieces of Baltic Birch plywood. We have
limited fab capacity at the Abbey. 4x8 sheets of plywood are not practical.
New Rack Specs:

4 3U rows with a 1U row in between the 3U rows.
+12 volts @ 12.5 amps
+12 volts @ 12.5 amps
+5 volts @ 8 amps
Anti-Pizza Ghost mechanism
Wooden case made of Baltic Birch plywood
Separate fuses for the 12V and 5V power supplies
DIY power distribution