The 2HP Logic modules are simple, single-function logic blocks. The Andy, Ory and Xory each have 2 sections of 2-input logic blocks. The Verty has 3 inverters.

The tables below show the logic functions. All logic modules have input protection and output buffering.

The logic modules can operate at audio rates to produce some interesting effects. This is specially true of the Xory, which can be thought of as a digital ring mod. Slam some square wave VCO signals into it and listen to the fun!

Each module comes with a power cable. Since this will eat up the available power taps in your case, Circuit Abbey offers optional 2 and 4 slot power cables.

maximum 20 mA draw
48mm depth

2HP Logics modules by Circuit Abbey
Snappy module by Circuit Abbey
Snappy connections for Circuit Abbey
Snappy connector by Circuit Abbey