The Trip/Fire is a very handy dual utility Euro Rack module in 4HP. The top half is a full featured comparator, and the bottom module is a multi-mode trigger/gate delay. It is great for creating new rhythms, triggering envelopes, and all kinds of modular experiments!

The comparator uses a reference level to compare against the input. If the input is higher than the reference then the output goes high. The reference source is an external input passed through an attenuverter. If no source is plugged into the REF input an internal source is used.

The output of the comparator is normaled to the input of the Gate/Trigger delay, meaning that any gates derived from the comparator pass down to the trigger/gate delay unless another source is plugged into the trigger/gate delay input.

The delay section is an event/edge recorder with one trigger delay mode and 2 gate delay modes. Trigger delay senses trigger inputs and delays them before sending to the output. The first gate mode outputs a delayed gate open input but outputs a gate close without delay. The other gate mode delays both the gate open and gate closed input. The delay range is about 1 second and jumper settable to about 8 seconds.

4HP module
maximum 40mA draw